Meet Our Team

Jenna Bosch - Owner/lead stylist

Jenna Bosch has been a hairstylist for almost half of her life, and has been connected to the industry even longer. The daughter of a hairstylist and salon owner, Jenna's love for styling emerged early. Since then, she has developed a reputation as a successful young stylist, earning national recognition along the way. 

Breanne Gershon - Stylist

Breanne Gershon has a maturity and skill level that belie her age. After demonstrating advanced knowledge at, and winning, a regional hair competition, Breanne began honing her craft at Plush Salon & Spa immediately. 

Tammy Bosch - Stylist

Tammy Bosch possesses a wealth of skill, knowledge, and experience gained from her 35 years of experience in the industry. She has seen every trend come, go, and come back again, but it still pushing her skills.

Karmyn Carlson - Stylist

Karmyn Carlson may be new to the city, but not the industry. Plush Salon & Spa was glad to welcome her many years' experience to the team, and she has fit in beautifully!


Amandeep Kaur - Esthetician 

Amandeep Kaur is another of Plush Salon & Spa's recent additions, and we are thrilled to bring her expertise to the team. An expert threader with training from India, Aman has quickly become a favourite of all Plush's clients. 


Becky Bogdan, Kendra Horvath, Shayna Hogg, and Mikayla Getz are Plush Salon & Spa's budding young stylists! Each of our apprentices is progressing rapidly, and we are proud to call them members of our team.